Simple, Affordable, Anytime

& Anywhere.

Insurance can be hard to understand, not always affordable nor easy to get.


Our mission:

Simplifying insurance and making it accessible, affordable, easy to all.

Giving you the protection that you need.

Go! Insurance is a digital insurance broker offering digital insurance.

What does it mean?

Well, we make things easier, better, affordable.

We, as Go! Insurance, create products for our customers first.

We listen, we improve, we change.

That’s what we do.

With our insurance partner Krungthai Panich Insurance we make sure that our customers get the best protection and service.

We use technology to offer better products and services.

From offering to claims we take care of our customers as they are all important to us. We listen to you to make better products, to make them better the way you want.

Why you should choose Go! Insurance ?

Well, while every other insurance will claim to offer the best products and services for the best price, just like we do, we give you more. We offer flexible, affordable products, cash rewards, well being advice, discounts in our partners’ stores, and the best thing is; it comes with the product.

We have so many perks to offer to our customers, so many things which can be useful one day. We don’t want to lure you in, but we honestly want to tell you that we do care.


We are different.

We experiment,

we change,

we improve.

And we repeat.


Nothing is perfect; the world, the shoes you’re wearing, the phone you’re holding most of the time. We know that. Our demands and needs change every day. That’s why your protection and insurance need to change too. We adjust to your needs, experimenting new and different products for the new economy, digitized and improved.

Every day, every week, we repeat this process constantly because we all change too. And we make sure that you’re always covered throughout the changes you may face.




Do you ever wonder why insurance needs to be so complicated and expensive? We do too!


Go! makes it super easy by providing affordable and flexible insurance, stress-free and tailored to your needs.

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